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Product Enviclean 1AC is a microorganism that treats rubber latex odors with the best results, synthesized from beneficial strains of microorganisms that help the decomposition process occur quickly, reducing odors, bringing fresh air, protecting the environment. Protect human health and the working environment.

Overview of the rubber industry

From the rubber seeds imported and successfully grown in Vietnam, up to now the rubber tree has had a quite solid position in agriculture and industry, with a large output of exploitation and processing for export, thus bringing High value contributes to promoting the country's economy.

Currently, the area planted with rubber trees is widespread throughout all parts of the country, especially in the provinces and cities in the Southeast that are planted a lot such as Vung Tau, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc... because of favorable conditions for: living. Thailand, soil, hot and humid climate all year round, good weather...

Compared to other countries, Vietnam has favorable rubber exploitation and export potential. In 2013, it rose to 3rd place in natural rubber output, a position that will continue to be maintained until 2017. In 2018, the industry Vietnamese rubber is likely to exceed milestones in exploitation output and export value compared to previous years. This is also the year that marks the role of the Vietnamese rubber industry in the world rubber organization.

In the period from 2019 to 2024, Vietnam Rubber Group will focus on trying to complete international certification for forest protection and restoration of rubber forest areas in addition to building a rubber timber accountability system. best rubber, attaching the responsibility of rubber exploitation and processing enterprises to society so that the environment is protected in the best way.

Up to this point, the exploitation, production and export output of Vietnam's rubber industry has changed a lot compared to previous years. The rapid development speed of the rubber industry brings economic value to the country. water. Currently, Vietnam's rubber industry has a large export market with 45 countries and territories worldwide such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and China still the largest consumer market of the country's rubber industry. .

Currently, the acute respiratory infection caused by the new strain of Corona virus is breaking out, so the Vietnamese economy will certainly have a significant decline, which will affect the development prospects of Vietnamese rubber. Leaders of the rubber industry offer solutions to avoid limiting the growth momentum of the rubber industry, which is to find new markets and avoid relying too much on the Chinese market so that rubber exports are always sustainable.


Hazards of rubber to the environment

The benefits the rubber industry brings are extremely valuable in life because they are widely applied in fields such as mattress production, tire production, construction industry rubber, and marine industry rubber. benefits, rubber industry... However, the harmful effects that rubber brings are not small to the environment and human life.

Wastewater from the rubber industry is the first factor causing the heaviest environmental pollution. Rubber wastewater generated from the rubber processing and production process if discharged into the environment has not been thoroughly treated before it penetrates. Soil, mixed with rivers, will cause the ecological environment to be destroyed, the land will stink, trees will die, and plants and animals in the water environment will not be able to reproduce and develop. Rubber wastewater completely changes the natural environment, leading to severe impacts on human life and the health of the community is seriously threatened because of the diseases that rubber wastewater causes. go out.

In addition, the rubber odor arising from rubber wastewater also seriously affects the human living environment. The rubber odor affects the working process of officials and employees, making work effective. failure to achieve high results. Long-term exposure to rubber odors has serious health effects because rubber odors cause respiratory diseases.

Remedy for rubber odor

To deal with rubber odors, we must know where the odor comes from and then come up with an appropriate treatment plan.

If bad odors arise from the wastewater treatment system, it is necessary to check whether the entire wastewater treatment system is working properly and upgrade the wastewater treatment system to suit the daily volume of wastewater discharged. Once the rubber wastewater treatment system operates well, the high odor is significantly reduced.

In addition, chemicals can be used to reduce rubber odors, but in the long run this method will affect the health of those who directly operate the system and are exposed to chemicals every day.

Should use Enviclean 1AC Microorganisms treat rubber odors to bring the best results. Long-term use of microorganisms does not affect human health. Enviclean 1AC is a liquid microbial collection of specially selected microorganisms to decompose all organic impurities that cause bad odors.

Coming to Enviclean, you will have many choices of microorganisms to treat odors in the best and most cost-effective way for your business.

In addition, Enviclean has a dedicated technical team always ready to provide on-site support when the business's wastewater treatment system encounters problems that cannot be resolved.

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