Microbiology of Livestock Industry

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Overview of microbiology in livestock industry

This is a special line of microbial products designed to treat waste and odors in the livestock industry such as pigs, cows, chickens and many other animals. The product is a combination of diverse Bacillus strains, providing absolute safety for humans and pets, while also being very environmentally friendly.

One of the outstanding advantages of this product is its ability to clean and significantly reduce odors. Thanks to advanced technology, the product promotes the decomposition of pollutant compounds quickly and effectively. This helps minimize the negative impact of waste and odors on the surrounding environment.

  • Quickly decomposes feces and urine, organic compounds in raising chickens, pigs, cows, cattle...
  • Eliminate odors in livestock, limit odors
  • Limit flies and mosquitoes

Why should we use microbial products to treat the livestock industry?

An inherent problem that any livestock owner or farm owner always encounters in the process of doing business and producing livestock, pigs, cows, chickens, etc. is the treatment of organic waste and the odor emitted. outside the environment.

For small livestock owners, they can use classical methods such as burying, collecting waste and destroying it, etc. However, for livestock owners and industrial farm owners with large quantities, From more than 500~1000 animals, it is impossible to handle using this classical method.

The larger the number of livestock, the more difficult it is to treat waste and must be handled daily. If treated with chemical preparations, spraying the barn can limit odors and harmful bacteria, but there are problems of harming animal and human health. also causes pollution in the environment.

The most effective solution - using microbial products to treat the livestock industry

To solve the above difficult problems, the use of microbial products in the livestock industry is the most effective in solving waste, eliminating livestock odors, limiting flies, mosquitoes, insects, etc.

Because it is a microbial product, it does not pollute the environment at all and does not affect human health. At the same time, using these microbial products also helps improve the microflora in the barn area with beneficial microorganisms. Eliminate harmful microorganisms by competing for food, thereby improving animal health and limiting barn odors emitted during waste decomposition. Microbial products are a safe and sustainable solution for waste treatment and odor removal in the livestock industry.

Microbial products also have the ability to stick to waste and odor molecules suspended in the air. This helps limit the release of odors into the air from waste when spraying microbial products directly onto it, eliminating odors in the air. Microbial products act directly on the source of odors, eliminating original odors and not just covering odors like conventional deodorizing products.

With the above benefits, it is no surprise that microbial products have become an effective and popular solution in the livestock industry. In particular, using microbial products from reputable and experienced suppliers such as AN BINH TECH will ensure the highest quality and efficiency.

AN BINH TECH is currently exclusively distributing the EnviClean microbial product line originating from the US

The EnviClean livestock microbial product line has competitive quality, helping to effectively and thoroughly solve problems related to waste, garbage and wastewater generated during production, livestock and business processes. , service,…

The EnviClean livestock microbial product line has been tested and certified to be safe for humans, pets and the environment. With competitive quality, EnviClean is the perfect choice to solve problems related to waste, garbage and wastewater in the production, livestock, business and service processes.

If you are having difficulty treating waste and eliminating odors in the livestock industry, please contact AN BINH TECH to receive advice on suitable solutions and receive product quotes at the best cost. We will assist you in finding the optimal solution to solve your problems and provide you with a clean, safe and effective livestock environment.

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